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Thank to those who came to the livestream :3 

Most of them were rushed so anatomy is a bit off and was the coloring

I’ll do better next time but I’m also starting to regret this. 


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but could we just take a moment to imagine Eren as Bambi






Five years later



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So my friend got into the Mericcup ship and requested me to draw her otp, so I did!  I don’t know why I was surprised since this is the internets, but I had no idea this was a thing. haha.

Merida’s hair turns into a galaxy of hair poof cause she is in love with sexy hiccup.  Like seriously, dreamworks must have had a meeting trying to figure out how to make him as sexy as possible.

All the while as I was drawing this I wondered what my mom would think, I mean, there are some scandalous things, look at that seductive toothless.


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the worst thing about online friendships is no hugs

man i wanna hug the frick outta some of you

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If we kissed:

[] This wouldn’t happen.
[] Oh disgusting.
[] Again, again.
[] Kiss you back.
[] Let’s take this to the bedroom.
[] Slap/Push you away.

If you asked me out I’d say:

[] Um no.
[] YES.

Can we cuddle?:

[] No.
[] Ew.
[] Sure.
[] YES.


[] Let’s do it.
[] No. You can’t handle my d.
[] No.

Should you reblog this?:

[] Yes. I want to send you one.
[] Yes.
[] No.


He was formerly known as Catman before Santa.

With his trusty sidekick, Catboy… They be stealin’ all your precious shiny crud. 


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I know this is long, but please give it a read!

Marty and I were talking about the want for more RoTG/GoC material besides the new chapter and picture books coming out.  We discussed that as important as it is to show Dreamworks Animation that we love RoTG, that we also need to put some effort into showing the creator himself because if we let him know that his work is still adored by so many that maybe he’d be willing to do even more with it.  Some animated shorts or a graphic novel or something who knows?  Also, if anyone besides the fans is going to have some influence over DWA’s decision of whether or not to revisit RoTG it’d be him. 

It seems the best way to go about that is to contact his studio, Moonbot Studios (links and other info are at the bottom).  He’s rather passionate about this series, with good reason, so perhaps generating enough buzz would help get the ball rolling even more.  We don’t want to be pushy or demanding, but as anyone who writes or draws or does anything creative knows sometimes getting shown that your series is appreciated will motivate you to do more with it.  

It’d also be really good to make sure Sandy’s book has great sales.  (In fact you can preorder it on Amazon here.)  It comes out October 15th (as long as it doesn’t get pushed back again, and if so you’ll be updated on that), so we were thinking that for the month of October we all send him RoTG/GoC fanworks (all SFW of course) and/or fanletters to further show how much we love it.  Fanart, fanfic, edits, cosplay, anything and everything to let him know how influential his work as been for so many people.  In fact we could start sending things now, so don’t limit spreading the love to just October, but I think it would be awesome if we could have some good buzz around Sandy’s book release too.

As aforementioned, I know we’re very passionate about this series too, but please refrain from being demanding and pushy and don’t use profanity, as that would just be counterproductive.  Also, I know many of us have our favorite ships, but it’d probably be best to refrain from doing anything shippy as well.  And it would be good to not flood inboxes, FB walls, Twitter feeds, etc. with the same post over and over in a short amount of time, because that would just become annoying.  Which is why I think it’d be good to send the fanworks to celebrate Sandy’s book during the month of October, and not just the 15th.

So with all that said please spread the word to all the RoTG/GoC fans you know on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc.!  Maybe even try to recruit new ones! 

If Buffy can continue on as a comic after being canceled, if Firefly could get a movie after being canceled, if we can get an entire anime from a single commercial, if we could practically rebound RoTG’s box office losses with the DVD sales then we can do this!  That alone shows that RoTG is a great film, it just took a little more effort to get it out there.

Moonbot Studios Links/Contact Info:
*All contact info from Moonbot Studios website/blog.

Moonbot Studios Address:
2031 Kings Hwy, Suite 102
Shreveport, LA 71103

Phone: (318) 213-0770

Fax: (318) 213-0769

Moonbot Studios Twitter
Moonbot Studios Facebook
Moonbot Studios Tumblr

*The most active seems to be Twitter and Facebook.  I think sending something to the actual studio itself would have a lot of impact too.  But if you can’t don’t let that stop you from spreading the love digitally!

Dreamworks Animation Links:
*Because it won’t hurt to continue to spread the love to them too.

DWA Tumblr
Rise of the Guardians Facebook (with 729k+ likes)
DWA Facebook
DWA Twitter

*The DWA facebook is, of course, more active than the RoTG one, but since it’s specifically for RoTG I went ahead and added it to the list anyway.